Bad Experience? – Writing a Review After Dining

We all have that top-5 worst places to eat.

In Malaysia, most of us are unlikely to leave a review after eating. However, when the food or service isn’t right, we are quick to jump on any platform (Google, Facebook, etc) to leave a nasty one.

When the food is bad, we get triggered.

Having a bad experience at an eatery is no stranger to us. Every Malaysians will surely have a colourful story to tell about the worse experience they’ve had while dining.

A review taken from a local eatery. Food and services both kena la matching.

However, its not just us Malaysians but some foreginers as well who visit our beautiful country who go through these same experiences. These increase of sub-standard food and services gives a bad name to our country which is know for delicious food.

A foreigner’s review of a chain eatery in a popular mall.


Should I leave a review or not?

More often these days, consumers are using the Internet to look for recommended places to eat and online reviews are the first thing that people refer to when making decisions.

At Makan Truck, we believe that every business has a chance to grow and improve, therefore reviews are a perfect way to do so.

Informing or hinting to businesses on what they might be doing wrong (or have overlooked) is important so that they may improve their services. In fact, it’s our sole duty as consumers to bring these shortcommings to light and make it known to others and the business owner.


A review is as good as a recommendation… or the opposite of it

Reviews work in a similar way as to word-of-mouth but on a much wider scale. If you truly love the food and service, leave a review and recommend the dishes.

There are many others out there who have no clue about your favorite eatery or what’s good to order from the menu.

However, there are nasty ones which can greatly affect a business. It’s our duty as consumers to play our role correctly and not to ‘lebih-lebih’ with our comments.

Remember, there might be a struggling family behind the business.

Leave a constructive and valuable review

Be specific yet subtle. Start by highlighting the positive points of the business, then what you think may be wrong with the services provided and finally give suggestions on how they might improve it.

Such informative feedback gives invaluable insight to both future customers as well as to the business owners.

Good Review
A good example of a constructive and valuable review.

Update your reviews

If you’ve left a review in the past, especially a negative one, don’t forget to update/correct it once you find that the business has improved in that area.

What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet, and a negative/nasty review might be read by hundreds of customers which will stay that way even after the business has resolved the issue.

For F&B Owners

More than half of the people who refer to online reviews are looking for a place to eat. Therefore, a F&B business that has over 100 positive reviews will definitely be able to gain more customers from the reviews alone compared to one with fewer reviews.

Reviews that customers see about your business highly influences their decision.

How reviews and ratings gain you customers

These feedback represent the start in developing a long-term relationship with your customers. It helps improve customer retention (customer loyalty) and it’s an excellent way to gauge customer satisfaction. In a way, look at it as a method to market your Food Truck.

Take the feedback seriously


However, do bear in mind that gaining these customers are also a result of the business’s ability to actually address these feedback and resolve the shortcomings.

Leaving unresolved negative reviews will leave a compounding bad reputation which WILL come back to hurt the business. Feedback and reviews should always be seen as a learning curve.


– Ask for reviews, or better yet, offer an incentive for customers to do so.
– Always leave a reply for reviews, a personal touch is always welcomed by customers.
– Don’t force it or nag for it, you are not a ride-hailing driver asking for 5 stars.
– Even if you’ve paid for a review, a sincere one always works best.



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