Food Truck Spot Feature: Kinrara Foodtruck Place

Nice and quiet place to chill and enjoy a good Food Truck dinner.


Just a stone’s throw away from Puchong, Kinrara Food Truck Place offers food truck hunters a special and quiet spot to have dinner which is also often traffic-free and coupled with plentiful parking.

Elly, the head representative of the group is no stranger to the food business. Having owned a restaurant, she now operates her very own food truck, AHRxpress and has been in the food truck business for over a year. Realizing the challenges in terms of location, she decided to form the group which is now known as Kinrara Food Truck Place.

Usually there will be around 8-10 trucks stationed at the location and though lacking in numbers, they make up for it in quality and diversity. You can get anything from Burgers with homemade patties to a wide variety of ice Cold Shakes and Middle Eastern Cuisine. There is even a food truck which specializes in Sarawakian Kolo Mee based on the founder’s family recipe.

OH my On Wheels, Marbelezz Char Kuey Teow, AHRXpress, Skinny Cook, MuZzy Food Truck
Skinny Cook
OH my On Wheels
MuZzy Food Truck

Challenges Faced as a Food Trucker

According to Elly (and most food truckers), finding a spot is often plagued with challenges. Having stationed at a ‘wrong’ spot can have a negative effect on nearby eateries or ‘shooed’ away by Majlis Perbandaran (Town Council).

Another challenge faced is that regulations have yet to be set in place for food trucks due to it being a new form of business. Therefore, as a temporary solution, regulations based on brick and mortar businesses are often imposed on them making it hugely unfair to food truck operators.

Elly hopes that clearer and food truck specific regulations are implemented in the near future to properly and fairly regulate food truck operations in Malaysia.

As for advice, Elly stated that innovation in terms of food is crucial as it can make or break the business. Choosing your marketing strategy and opportunities are also incredibly important as there are huge risk factors involved where a single failure to meet targets during events can lead to losses and a huge wastage of resources.

If you have any inquiries regarding the place, feel free to call Elly at 016-2488685.
For food truckers who are looking for a temporary spot, do give Elly a call to join in.

Open every Wednesday and Thursday, operating from 6:00PM to 11:00PM

Facebook link: KinraraFoodtruckPlace

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