How to Market Your Food Truck

Marketing - Get it right and it can be a major game changer for your Food Truck

Ever wondered why movies launch teaser trailers? Imagine what would happen if they didn’t.

Every business needs some form of marketing as it represents the most effective way of building your brand awareness which leads to an increase in sales and general business growth. One of the main reasons why Food Truck businesses fail is due to the lack of marketing or a proper marketing plan.

Here are some important Key Aspects of Marketing which are vital for any modern business:

it informs

Creating a form of communication with your customers, giving them a solid understanding of what your Food Truck is all about. What stands out and why should they patronize your business.

it equalizes

Modern marketing is less expensive than ever before; social media platforms and email campaigns have made reaching out to consumers a much more finance-friendly possibility.

This unique personalized interaction levels the playing field between small brands and bigger ones allowing even a startup Food Truck to build a business empire of their own within just a few years.

it sustains

Marketing allows your Food Truck to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with your audience.

Like an Instagram page, the audiences follow it because they are able to connect with the content and are looking forward to seeing more of it daily; thus giving your Food Truck an open channel of communication with your followers.

This is to sustain your Food Truck’s presence – not remedy a lack of engagement. Think of this in the perspective of billboards.

it engages

Marketing solves the question of how to keep a connection going once your customer has walked away from your Food Truck.

Whatever marketing medium you are able to send to your customers after this period will keep them engaged beyond business hours which forms a relationship with your brand. Think of this from the perspective of an online contest.

it sells

You may have a good concept/food on your Food Truck but if people don’t know about it to begin with then how can you generate sales?

Marketing acts as a tipping point in helping customers make critical decisions between products/services and in this case, between your Food Truck and others.

it grows

Marketing efforts can help you expand your business growth.

Little things such as social media posts and email campaigns can not only engage existing consumers but spread the word to new potential customers. This way, as your customer base grows, so does your business. It’s an infinite snowball effect!

How do we achieve all that?


Create a solid, memorable concept

“Success often depends on being memorable”

Marketing begins even before you get your Food Truck operational. Coming up with a clever and unique name is essential when establishing your brand; memorable funny names or something that rolls off the tongue works the best.

Same goes for your logo, Food Truck design and the menu that must reflect your Food Truck concept. What you should be aiming to do is to paint a picture which is effortlessly memorable for your customer so that he/she may be able to talk about your Food Truck and brand whenever a related conversation comes up.

Offer something no other Food Truck is offering

Develop your very own niche

Coming up with something unique should never be hard, all you need to do is research. You will want to avoid the common cuisine that most Food Trucks are serving, separate yourself from the herd and develop your very own niche.

This ensures that you will have minimal competitors when you start off and also a head start on your future competitors; Be the first and you’ll have the best chance of success. You are an entrepreneur, be innovative!

Oh no, I’ve started on the wrong foot!



If you have not done the above when you first started don’t sweat, hope is not lost. In fact, if you follow even a few Ways to Market Your Food Truck below, you will see measurable returns. We got you fam!

Social Media

It equalizes, sustains and engages
“Do NOT neglect your online presence”

A very powerful marketing platform which allows you to reach limitless customers. Did you know that there are 22 million Malaysians combined who are active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram?

Do NOT neglect your online presence. Social media allows you to spread your brand to locations beyond your physical location at any given time.


It engages and sells
“It helps customers make decisions”

One of the most tried and true means of building a following is by giving something away. A sample of your food, for example, can help customers make decisions and from that, possibly gain you more sales in the future.


It sustains and engages
“Generate public endorsement”

A simple contest through social media or from your Food Truck can help generate a meaningful engagement with your business.

For example, naming of your latest food creation where prizes can be simple cash discount vouchers. Through this, you would have generated brand awareness, new followings and most importantly, public endorsement of your Food Truck.

Word-of-mouth marketing

It sustains and sells
“Spreading brand awareness”

One of the cheapest means of spreading brand awareness is to have others do it for you. You could run campaigns such as “Bring a Friend” and offer 15% off the second order or a “Free cup of coffee if they bring their own mug”.

Every small detail which you can give back to the customer goes a long way in spreading the word with a chance of a viral effect. Credits: PagiCoffeeCo.

What you are aiming for is for the word to spread like wildfire and before you know it, you might have a line of customers at your Food Truck.

Attending or staging local events

It sustains and grows
“Gain new followers and possibly event organizers with referrals”

Local events no matter how small or big, are always good to attend. From the sales perspective, the returns might not be much, however, from a marketing perspective the exposure is enormous.

Penang International Food Festival (PIFF) hosted the Largest Food Truck Rally which entered The Guinness Book of Records. Credits: Penang International Food Festival (PIFF)

At this point, you get to target new followers and possibly event organizers with referrals who would patronize your Food Truck in the future. The more events you are personally involved with; the more people you will meet. Almost every person you meet is a new potential customer.

Pitch to local companies

It sells and grows
“Setting up a Food Truck stop”

You can speak personally with the human resources managers or appropriate personnel at any company that is in your local area to see if they are interested in setting up a Food Truck stop at their location or having you cater a meeting or event.

This works best at locations where food variety is scarce or pricey. For example, you can develop a schedule to station your Food Truck at several factories in industrial areas or companies in the city who have spare space for your Food Truck.

General customer relations

It Informs and sells
“Train your employees”

One of the simplest ways of drawing attention and repeat customers is by having good customer relation skills. This extends from being courteous and polite to even knowing their name and who they are (Notice how cordial and inviting Starbucks’s staff are).

Train your employees to be accommodating, polite and courteous at all times. Remember, your reputation is on the line, and with the immediacy of social media, the last thing you need is someone badmouthing your business.

Offer recommendations or strike up a conversation with your customer. Credits: SundayDo

Follow up personally with customers

It Informs and grows
“Gain an insight of what your customer really thinks”

After customers finish their meal, it is never a bad idea for the owner or Food Truck manager to speak with them, thanking them and asking if they were satisfied with everything. This will allow you to gain an insight into what your customer really thinks about your food or business.

However, always remember that there is no such thing as a bad feedback as all of them represent an opportunity connect with your customer and improve your services depending on how well you handle it.

A main objective of marketing is to generate and develop your Food Truck brand to become a household name that is so popular, your Food Truck would be mentioned in most Food Truck conversations.


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