Laughing Monkey


At Laughing Monkey, we are dedicated to providing you with affordable, rich, freshly brewed coffee and delicious sandwiches at your doorstep.


How it all started:

An unemployed pilot working in the corporate world. He sweat his heart out everyday just to keep it going in the ever competitive Kuala Lumpur.

The happiest time of the day was when he is having his coffee and sandwiches. But he had to walk very far and the coffee was quite expensive.

One day, while Kelvin was walking back after getting his coffee and sandwiches, it started to rain. He had to run all the way back to their office and got very wet.

“That’s it!” Kelvin thought to himself.

I am going to open my own cafe right here right now! I am going to have a moving cafe so everyone can get affordable and most importantly convenient coffee right at their doorstep!

And Laughing Monkey was born. With the mission of serving you at the most convenient way possible.

All day, everyday!!!

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Monday - Sunday: 7:00AM - 4:00PM